Brian Krans on Rollerblading And A #MeToo Moment

Tents at Roskilde in 2014 (Photo via WikiCommons user Knak)

Tents at Roskilde in 2014 (Photo via WikiCommons user Knak)

"Nearly two months ago, Victoria Acevedo posted on Instagram that she was “sexually abused by an American skater” while traveling through Europe in 2014.

In her July 15 post, she shared a photo taken of her outside the premiere for Formosa in 2018, smiling with a closed mouth and walking with her hands in her jacket pockets.

“How can I fight so that in skating they stop supporting sexual abusers?” she wrote.

Next was a photo of a piece of art she says she made the year after her alleged attack, a body bloodied and dismembered and violently penetrated.

At the bottom of her post, she tagged Chris Farmer and included the hashtag #MeToo.

The post was shared on “Rollerblading Rollerblading,” a popular group on Facebook. Most of the reactions were immediate: they either condemned Farmer or his accuser. Some responses were supportive of her coming forward, years after the fact. Others questioned her motives and delved into what parts of her past were easily accessible.

The events have been characterized by those in our community with no first-hand knowledge of the situation as a drunken hookup at a weeks-long party re-written in a lens of regret, remorse and revenge. Others, however, applauded her bravery for coming forward about an incident that occurred while in the company of dozens of other rollerbladers." - Brian Krans via