Butter TV's Action Fictures Episode 3: Erick Rodriguez

Episode 3 - Erick Rodriguez has been putting in work for a very long time and is constantly delivering us content through Blader Gang as well as soft goods. I've ran into E.Rod on several occasions during events and he'd always share what projects he was currently working on. After Blading Cup 2018 we made a quick stop over to Long Beach, California and spent two days to gain a little insight on his workflow and catch a short glimpse behind the scenes during the shooting of his film titled "Forever." February 9th, 2019 - We attended the premiere which also included a box jam at Tim Franken’s warehouse. It was a bracket style competition that came down to a final four competing for a prize package of cash and other goods. The turnout was great as well as the skating and everybody had an awesome time coming together to celebrate.

Currently, Erick is already finishing up on his next VOD project: "Crickets" which follows the gang through Mexico City and other locations around the world.