Exclusive Images from Skitch Inline Magazine #5


“The newest print copy release of Skitch In-Line Magazine issue number 五 is lit af. After a complete sell out during it's debut appearance, the stock is at a minimal available amount. In other words, if you are hungry for the newest copy of SKITCH, well grab your plate and eat up. This limited edition radical rendition is sure to motivate even the oldest couch potatoes to get up and get in them skates.” - The Skate Company

Featuring skating by : Miki Mizutani, Rory Melehan, iDwight, humanperformance, Travis first try Rhodes, Jim Spetz, Don Bambrick, Chad Anthony, Michael Braud, Kevin Barr, Jarrod Banning, Seth Lloyd, Anthony Medina, Taylor Popham, Willy Parker, Hunter Cooper, Nicholas Fatato, Christopher Smith, Luke Naylor, Jarrod Redderick, Brad Anthony, & Benjamin Forsythe.

Contributed photography by : Colin Batu, Luke Bender, Christian Delfino, Collin Martin, Willy Parker, Corey Oringderff, Joseph Gammill, Brad Anthony, Miki's personal photographer, Chad & Katherine Anthony.

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