Roll Minnesota Presents The EX Games

“Since being banished in the early 2000's, rollerblading has not been a part of the X-Games . . . until Mike Lufholm and the Crow team decided to host the EX-Games, a blading competition just outside the X-Games stadium! Together, we traveled to four unique spots in downtown Minneapolis, including U.S. Bank Stadium to skate the massive downrails just outside the X-Games. Undeterred by the rain, X-games visitors and skaters alike assembled at the bottom of the staircase to watch and cheer on rollerblading. Special thanks to Aaron Schultz for providing the footage!’- Butch Lehman

Bladers featured in this edit: Dave Walsh, Brett Dasovic, Logan Clark, Aaron Schultz, Kevin Meland, Shane McClay, Brad Magunson, Chase Linzmeyer, Butch Lehman, Bryce Orfield, Kasey Schmitz, Nelson Juan, Joe Grill, Chemi Simiyu, Dan Knapmiller, Jason Calva, Howard Jones, and more.