Matt Burke skates the Lakeland Florida Skatepark

'“As I mentioned 15 times in my last video, I was headed down to Tampa & Miami for business & pleasure and hit a few parks in the process. First up is the Lakeland Skatepark which absolutely blew me away. Lakeland isn't what I would think of as a skate friendly town, but this park was incredible to skate.

There was a super long p rail, a long granite/marble ledge, a longer, slightly more difficult rail, a bunch of ledges, bowls, snake run, stair sets, etc. It really has something for everyone. As you'll see at the end of the video, I went ass over head and ate some of the ground, but I had an absolutely awesome time at this park.

I'm headed back down to the area in May to skate it again, so if any of y'all seeing this live in driving distance to this park, drop a comment and let's meet up and do some skating.” - Matt Burke