First Inline Skating Part - Ricardo Lino | VLOG

This Video Part was edited by my friend Miguel Jacob for his video project that came out in 2000 called GANG DA RODINHA, all the clips were filmed in my after school spare time back then by Nuno Dias ( A.K.A. muchaho) with my parents old camera.

The music in this video is also Local, and it was made by Label T (Tiago "Pardelha") . the title of the song is "Alentejo tá vivo" and its about this region of Portugal where my hometown SINES is located.

Hope you enjoy this one, as for me this was one of the most important moments of my skating life. 

A few years after this was made i left sines to go to university and never really stayed in Sines again for more then a month. but its still my home town and the city that saw me grow.

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