Alex Burston - Burst Blog #3 | VLOG

Burst blog #3 (late)

23.1.2017 - 29.1.2017

And again.........
For the third week in a row. Another Burst blog. Over 1 week late I might add.

In Manchetser.
Game of skate with Elliot Stevens and Jemelle 'JAM' Booth.
Jam in hosptial.
Skating Hulme skate park with Laura 'Lemon' Hemming on a fresh sunny day.
Watching old footage with Scott 'The head' Hallows.
Stockport DIY aka BONES skatepark with Tim Foil.
Chips and gravy and chess.
Macclesfield skatepark.
Red Edward reborn.
Lovely week.

Featuring all of the above and Dave Walton, Chris 'Bossman' Barrett, Ash Burgess, Dan James, Liam Randal, Tim Foil, Steven Burston and Ollie Sibbald / XB4T

Big THANK YOU too everyone involved.

Burst blog number 4 will be out the near future. Skipping a few weeks that is. For now I am busy filming and traveling.



Song 1: The Natural Curriculum-Chalk-Jazz club
Song 2: Skittles- Tip-i-cal-ly
Song 4: Realist to do it instrumental-Pro P
Song 5: Levelz- ROWDY BAD
Song 6: The mouse outfit 'Sit back' feat. Mufasa & Black Josh
Song 7: TNC