Very Sketchy - Precision Jumps and Rolls Shop Task | VLOG

Precision Jumps and Rolls (Sketchy Skating). In this video, I perform a variety of jumps and rolls on narrow ledges and rails. VERY SKETCHY.

Normally, inline skating is done on trails and roadways. Today, I skate on narrow ledges and rails. I often skate at this spot. I enjoy the focus that develops when I put my body into situations that require extreme precision. 

This spot is located 8th Avenue and 8th Street in downtown Calgary. A popular spot for the Calgary parkour community, 8th and 8th is a fixture in Calgary. 

During this visit to 8th and 8th many people stopped to talk to me. One man told me a story about how as a child he would come to 8th and 8th to play with toy army men in one of the many hiding places.

Thanks for watching.

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