Aaron Turner's Lade Wheels Promo

Aaron Turner’s promo for his 64mm88a pro wheel from Lade Wheels.

”I have been fortunate enough to be presenting my own wheels from Lade Goods. Since Lade mentioned to me about my own wheels, I straight away getting as much clips as possible whilst juggling with work and other priorities. The wheel size is 64mm and the hardness 88a with a nice coned profile. I have been testing them for a while and i can honestly say you can skate park and street with these wheels. If you want to support then you can pre order for the wheels at www.ladeproducts.co.uk . Until then heres almost 3 minutes worth of skating with a mix fight scenes with my favourite character riley freeman from the animated series 'The BoonDocks'.” - Aaron Turner

Filmed by: Sammy Optiks, Liam Marland, Matt Woods, Chris Rutherford, Sam Kew, Max Pill, and Toby Leach.