Ricardo Lino's Skates Stolen At World Roller Games In Barcelona

The Micro Skates booth was broken into at the 2019 World Roller Games in Barcelona. Although the display models from Micro Skates and other equipment was left untouched Ricardo’s personal pair of Roces 5th Elements were stolen.

Authorities believe an international criminal syndicate specializing in the theft and fencing of inline skates is responsible for the elaborate overnight heist which targeted the newly released Roces 5th Element. An eye witness to the daring caper described it as “sorta like Ocean’s Eleven without George Clooney.” One baffled spectator on scene the next morning was reported to have said “Who the hell steals rollerblades?”

Okay, I made up that second paragraph but Ricardo’s skates were stolen from the Micro Skates booth so please be on the lookout. The skates are Roces 5th Elements with custom black painted Solá frames and Famus metal hub wheels.

If you’ve seen these skates or have any information please contact Ricardo Lino via direct message on instagram. Ricardo’s instagram info can be found at the bottom of this page.